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rak_packages_uk's Journal

random acts of kindness/packages UK
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welcome to rak_packages_uk

this community is for groovy peeps to join who are interested in swapping kewl packages, random acts of kindness etc etc :P:)

also its a place to meet new swappers and pen pals etc:P:)

as soon as you join all i ask is you introduce yourself and write a entry saying a bit about yourself and then your
what you usually like to swap,
what youd love to get in a package
if you're looking for any new swappers/pallies

and anyone can send any kewlio things to anyone :P:)
and remember, be fair, you cant just sit back and expect to just recieve things, cause thats not very nice is it:P lol you have to make an effort aswell:P:)

also there will be organised swaps and the like aswell

the reason i put UK in the title was because im just a bit fed up of so many pen pally etc LJ comms being mostly full of people stateside, id really love a place to be just for people in the UK, but then i thought well to be honest, i can let anyone in really, ill just HOPE loads of peeps from the UK join:P:P teehee

anyway id better leave you :P:)

bye bye!!